remotely reboot your raspberry pi from a windows desktop shortcut using plink (putty)

  1. install putty somewhere (I use C:\windows\system32\ because it’s already a system path and lets me type “putty” in any command line and it runs).  You want “plink” which is a command line helper tool.  Putty download page:
  2. right-click on your desktop and select new->shortcut
  3. type in “plink -ssh user@server -pw password reboot“.  This works without specifying the full path to plink.exe because the .exe is in a PATH variable location like \system32\.  Here’s my example; I have my pi on a static IP of, user root, pasword rawr:reboot pi shortcut
  4. you can name your shortcut.  Here’s mine: reboot pi
  5. clicking the shortcut will open a putty instance that seems to hang for a few seconds then exits, and your pi will reboot.  magic!
  6. If you have a non-root user I guess you could use that and use “sudo reboot” in place of “reboot”
  7. your secret raspberry pi password will be stored as plaintext in this shortcut! uh oh!
  8. here’s the plink help file:

You can do just about anything else from a shotcut this way too, just edit the “reboot” portion.  plink is pretty handy!  It even works from within batch files.

Oh yeah, why? I forget to exit XBMC a lot and it idles at 100% cpu, slowing down file serving and everything else, and this is my lazy way of exiting it remotely.  I guess I could kill the process but it reboots quickly enough.

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